Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

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World Mental Health Day being observed on Oct 10

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Health Desk- Oct 10, 2020: World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10 each year to increase involvement in the matters of mental health, encouraging global mental health education and advocacy against the social stigma that is often associated with it.

This year, to shed light on the alarming rise in mental disorders, the international awareness day will be focusing on ‘Mental Health for All’ and an increased investment in mental health.

Under the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health and the Deputy Secretary General Richard Hunter, the first ever World Mental Health Day was celebrated on October 10, 1992.

Each year, thousands of representatives and supporters gather to celebrate this annual awareness programme that makes its mission to shed light on mental illness and the effects it has on a majority of the global population.

 To a great extent, the entire world has experienced changes in their day to day lives, all that’s to the Covid-19 pandemic.