Saturday, 26 Sep 2020

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Merk's Corona Ticker test begins in Belgium

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Helath Desk-12 September 2020: Merck & Company Inc., a U.S. pharmaceutical company, has begun testing the initial stages of the corona ticker. According to the US government database Clinical, Merck has begun the process of voluntary selection for the Covid-19 vaccine test.

Earlier this month, Merck CEO Kenneth Fraser said his company would soon begin testing humans on the Covid-19 vaccine. They are working on multiple vaccines. Another separate vaccine will be tested later this year. Whether their vaccine is effective in preventing the virus will be known in this test.

The research process is expected to end in April 2022. Even before that the test may be over. The first and second stages of testing for a few ticks have been completed within a month or two.

A weaker version of the measles-causing virus will be used to make Merck's experimental vaccine. This will build resistance against the corona spike protein. Last May, Merck said it would acquire the vaccine by acquiring Themis Bioscience in Austria.