Friday, 14 Aug 2020

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Artificial Intelligence reads human emotion

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Health Desk-19 August, 2019: The emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables technology developers to read human emotions utilising machine learning.

Realeyes, a London-based startup that uses computer vision to read a person’s emotional responses when they are watching a video as short as six seconds long, and then using predictive analytics to help map that reading to the video to provide feedback on its effectiveness, has raised $16.2 million in funding, money that it plans to use to expand in engineering and business development.

Realeyes founder and chief executive Mihkel Jäätma said the rise of ‘smart’ and connected hardware that picks up data as much as produces it is the opportunity that Realeyes is tapping.

One of the more interesting applications of AI to the world of advertising and marketing has been in how it’s being used to help measure and ultimately shape campaigns.

A recent report in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest was damning about the idea that it was possible to accurately interpret emotions simply by analysing a person’s face.