Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

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Lens replacement led to 'blind patches', says artist

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Health Desk- Jan 15, 2019: An artist whose vision deteriorated after lens replacement surgery is one of dozens of people considering legal action against manufacturer, Oculentis.

Denise Di Battista claims she has "blind patches" in her right eye.

The BBC has been told that there have been 800 cases of patients in the UK experiencing "opacification" of a particular implanted Oculentis lens.

Opacification is a known risk of this surgery, can occur with any intraocular lens and can have multiple causes.

Denise Di Battista is a landscape painter and her sight is both her life and her livelihood.

Like many people who have cataracts, or simply want to improve their vision, Denise had a routine eye operation in 2010 to replace both of her natural lenses.

However, a few years later, the vision in her right eye unexpectedly started to deteriorate.