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US state left with one abortion clinic for 6m residents

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Health Desk--Oct 6, 2018: The US state of Missouri was left Wednesday with one abortion clinic for its population of six million, after a new state rule effectively barred another clinic from performing the procedure, reports AFP.

The Midwestern state is requiring abortion clinic physicians to have admitting privileges at a hospital. Officials say the rule is aimed at patient safety.

But a Planned Parenthood clinic in the city of Columbia could not meet the requirement and its license to perform abortions expired, The Kansas City Star reported Opponents of hospital affiliation rules say clinics often can’t meet such a standard, because abortions are generally safe and their doctors don’t hospitalize enough patients to qualify for affiliation, according to Kaiser Health News.

The Columbia clinic has asked a federal judge for a temporary exemption from the Missouri rule, but the judge has not yet ruled, The Star said.

In the meantime, women seeking abortion were being directed to another provider in St Louis, 126 miles (190 kilometers) away, or to providers in neighboring states, US media reported.