Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

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Avatar-based app helps recognise heart attack symptoms

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Health Desk-- 14th June, 2018: Scientists have recently developed an app that uses a simulated digital nurse to teach patients how to recognise symptoms of heart attack and call emergency.

Patients using the SAVE app are more likely to call an ambulance when they had symptoms and had fewer hospital admissions, researchers said.

“Most deaths from heart attacks occur within the first few hours of symptom onset,” said Jintana Tongpeth, a PhD student at Flinders University in Australia.

The SAVE app uses an avatar, a nurse named Cora, to teach heart attack warning signs and symptoms, and what to do when they occur. The app has four sections heart attack warning sign quiz; heart attack signs and symptoms, showing which symptoms are more common in men versus women; what to do when having a heart attack; heart attack warning signs test.  

During the initial development phase, a pilot study in ten heart attack survivors found that using the app improved symptom recognition and knowledge about what to do. These results became the preliminary data for a larger, statistically powered randomised controlled trial.