Sunday, 20 Jan 2019

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Blood test finds toxic Alzheimer's proteins

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Health Desk—February 1, 2018: Scientists in Japan and Australia have developed a blood test that can detect the build-up of toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer's disease.

The work, published in the journal Nature, is an important step towards a blood test for dementia.

The test was 90% accurate when trialled on healthy people, those with memory loss and Alzheimer's patients.

Experts said the approach was at an early stage and needed further testing, but was still very promising.

Alzheimer's disease starts years before patients have any symptoms of memory loss.

The key to treating the dementia will be getting in early before the permanent loss of brain cells.

This is why there is a huge amount of research into tests for Alzheimer's.

One method is to look for a toxic protein - called amyloid beta - that builds up in the brain during the disease.

It can be detected with brain scans, but these are expensive and impractical.

Courtesy: BBC Health