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Fight against cancer by living right: Study

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Health Desk--- Dec 11, 2017: Nearly 1.45 million people in India are diagnosed with cancers each year, with the leading sites being breast and cervix in women and lung and mouth cavity in men. By 2020, cancer cases are projected to cross 1.73 million.

Cancer cases in India are shooting up, not just because life expectancy has increased by more than a decade in 15 years -- from 57.9 years in 1990 to 68.3 years in 2015 – but also because of tectonic shift in the way we live our lives.

Tobacco and alcohol use, processed food and diets low fresh food and vegetables, air pollution, inactivity and obesity are among the primary triggers, which have made non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) like heart diseases, cancers and stroke account for 61 per cent  of all deaths in India, up from 37.9 per cent  in 1990.

“A research analysis in 2016 investigated the links between nutrition and development of 16 different types of cancers, including breast, lung, esophageal, gastric, renal and prostrate,” said CSE’s new report, Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases.

Processed foods that contain little or no proteins, vitamins or minerals, and are high in processed salt, sugar, fats and energy (calories) push up cancer risk by up to 30per cent  in developed countries and 20 per cent  in the developing world, said the report.