Monday, 15 Oct 2018

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Septuagenarian’s giant facial tumour removed successfully

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Health Desk—Nov 19, 2017: A pensioner dubbed 'the man with two heads' can finally sleep with ease after having his giant facial tumour removed.

Jaroon Suanmali, 71, from Lopburi, Thailand, suffered years of unbearable pain after the growth ballooned and he could no longer afford to visit doctors.

Mr Suanmali's tumour made it nearly impossible to sleep, as well as taking away his hearing when it grew to cover his right ear.

Working as a rubbish collector, Mr Suanmali earned just £2 a day, however, a picture taken by a passer-by and posted in local media led to thousands of pounds worth of donations, allowing him to finally have the 15cm, 4.4lb (2kg) growth removed.

Mr Suanmali said: 'I have a feeling that's amazing, it's like nothing I could have imagined.

'My neighbours weren't sure I would survive. I didn't even know if I could wake up after the operation. Now I have a new life. I am a new person again.'

Dr Worawat Kaewwichian, who performed the surgery, said: 'Tests are being carried out on the tumour and the patient is still hospitalised.

'He can return home next week. This was big surgery. But we're glad to know that the doctors here can treat this disease.' 


Courtesy: The Daily Mail