Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018

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Victims can launch court damages action over adulterated blood

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Health Desk—Sept 27, 2017: Victims of the contaminated blood scandal in the 1970s and 1980s have won a ruling allowing them to launch a High Court action to seek damages.

It was "appropriate" to issue an order allowing about 500 claimants to seek compensation, a court official said.

But lawyers for the Department of Health argued this was "premature" as there was a public inquiry pending.

At least 2,400 people died after they were given blood products that were infected with hepatitis C and HIV.

Thousands of NHS patients were given the products, which came from abroad, including the US.

In July, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a UK-wide inquiry into the scandal, which has been called the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS.

Many of those affected believe recipients were not told of the risks involved and say there was a cover-up.

The claimants allege that the Department of Health failed in its duty to take reasonable care to prevent injury or loss to NHS patients when the blood products were imported into the UK.


Courtesy: BBC News