Tuesday, 26 Jun 2018

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Measles 'tragedy' kills 35 across Europe: WHO

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Health Desk—July 12, 2017: World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that at least 35 people died in the last year from measles outbreaks across Europe.

It described the deaths - which can be prevented with vaccination - as an "unacceptable tragedy".

A six-year-old boy in Italy was the latest to die from the infection. More than 3,300 measles cases have been recorded in the country.

The most fatalities - 31 - have been in Romania.

But there have also been deaths in Germany and Portugal since June 2016.

WHO regional director for Europe Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab said, "Every death or disability caused by this vaccine-preventable disease is an unacceptable tragedy.

Measles is highly contagious, but vaccinating 95% of the population should prevent it spreading.

Germany is looking at tightening the law on immunisations.

And the government in Italy is pushing for children to be vaccinated against 12 common illnesses before they can enrol for state-run schools.

However, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni blamed a decrease in vaccinations in part on a "spread of anti-scientific theories".


Courtesy: BBC