Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017

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4mn without water in deadly Chile floods


Health Desk-- Feb 27 2017: At least four people were killed and four million people have been suffering from severe

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Human brain may help generate fructose


Health Desk: Feb 25, 2017-  A new study said fructose-simple sugar found in fruits, vegetables, table sugar, and many processed

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6.4m Bangladeshis suffering depression: WHO


Health Desk—Feb 25, 2017: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated the number of Bangladeshis with depression disorders at about

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Life expectancy to soar into 90s by 2030


Health Desk—Feb 22, 2017: A new study predicts, average life expectancy will increase across the world by 2030 and following

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Run research on impact of patent waiver on drugs


Health Desk: Feb 20, 2017 --Bangladesh should carry out studies in advance to assess the likely impact of the end

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Smartphones are revolutionizing medicine


Health Desk-- February 19, 2017: The diagnosis and treatment of illnesses are now made easier with the support of Smartphones,

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Vitamin D protects against colds and flu


Health Desk-- February 17, 2017: A new study said regular intake of Vitamin D supplements may help protect against cold

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‘Married people face less psychological stress’


Health Desk-- Feb 16, 2017: Married people face less psychological stress than those who never married or were previously married,

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