Friday, 23 Aug 2019

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7 Research-Backed Ways To Find Your Fitness Motivation

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We should be all doing at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, but research shows that less than half of all American adults actually meet these minimum goals. 

Clearly, exercise is a struggle. People who don't exercise feel they don't have enough time or are too tired to fit it in, according to a survey of middle-aged Americans. Participants also cited expensive gym memberships and not having a friend to go with them as reasons they didn't get enough physical activity.

But even if you do have the financial resources to pay for a gym membership, research shows that most who pay for one don't go at all. But fear not: For those who need a bit of prodding when it comes to exercise, we present seven research-backed tips on how to give yourself a motivation makeover. These tricks focus on changing your perspective so that you can find an exercise plan you love: