Wednesday, 02 Dec 2020

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WHO updates HIV testing services dashboard

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Health Desk- 13 Nov 2020: The World Health Organization (WHO), in coordination with UNAIDS, has updated its HIV Testing Services dashboard with new data for 2020, ahead of this year’s World AIDS Day.

The interactive dashboard gives users a wide range of information on HIV testing from countries worldwide on, for example, HIV prevalence, the number of people testing positive for HIV and the number of people testing for HIV for the first time or repeating a test. Data are given in charts and tables and are differentiated by age, sex and other characteristics.

WHO Technical Officer Cheryl Johnson said, “It is critical to have differentiated HIV testing data at this stage in the epidemic”.

 “The dashboard is a useful tool to help guide decision-making and our national strategy moving forward,” said Geoffrey Taasi, Programme Officer, HIV Testing Services, Ministry of Health, Uganda.

Countries need to have a range of testing approaches to reach people living with HIV who do not know their status and others at risk of acquiring HIV.