Saturday, 24 Aug 2019

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Researchers warn noise levels of hospitals

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Health Desk: 20 th Nov’18: Though hospital should be a calm and comfortable place for a patient but the situation is totally different. Due to staff, machinery, trolleys and telephones, the environment of hospitals are mostly noisy.

According to in-patient surveys, 40% of hospital patients are bothered by noise at night in the UK.

But it's not only the patients' wellbeing that may be affected - high noise levels can also have an impact on staff performance and burnout rates.

Noise levels in intensive care - where the most vulnerable patients are looked after - regularly exceed 100 decibels, researchers from King's College London said.

That's the equivalent of loud music being played through headphones.

Increased stress, greater pain sensitivity, high blood pressure, and poor mental health are also possible side-effects.


Courtesy: BBC Health