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Thousand students urge govt to raise tobacco taxes

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Special Correspondent—May 18, 2017: As part of month long tobacco tax campaign program,  Dhaka Ahsania Mission and Dhaka Residential Model College  jointly organized an event,” Student’s Solidarity towards demand for increasing tobacco tax” in front of Dhaka Residential Model College on Wednesday.

The theme of the campaign is” Chaile Unnayan Jonosasther, Chaile Desher Somriddi, Korte Hobe Tamakjat Sob Drobber Kor Briddhi” (For the development of public health and enrichment of country, it’s a must to increase tax on all tobacco products).

Teachers and 1,000 students of the college, Leo Club members, media personalities and different NGO representatives participated in this event and expressed their solidarity towards demand for increasing tobacco tax, a press release said.

For increasing tobacco tax, the participants placed some specific demands including ---

  • Cutting-off cigarette’s price slabs based tax system and increase excise tax as a share of retail price to about 70% of the retail price on average.
  • Cutting-off tariff value of Bidi and increase excise tax about 50% of the retail price on average.
  • Increase the specific excise tax about 50% in gul, jarda (smokeless tobacco).
  • Increase health development surcharge from 1% to 2% and Formulization of an effective tax policy immediately instead of existing tobacco tax structure.

Principal of Residential Model College Brigadier Gen Md Abdul Mannan Bhuyan, Assistant Director and Project Coordinator Tobacco control Project, Md Mukhlesur Rahman and Head, Health Sector of DAM Iqbal Masud, among others, were present in the program.

According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS 2009) 43% adults consuming tobacco products. Each year 1,00,000 people died and 378,00 become disabled due to tobacco related disease. So, to reduce the tobacco use is needful issue in this moment. 

One of the most important strategies of tobacco control is to increase the tobacco price through imposing high tax and take out mass people beyond purchasing capacity. On this point of view Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has taken month long campaign program demanding for tobacco tax increase.

It’s important to mention that the tobacco and tobacco products use is a big obstacle for development of the public health as well as the country.