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Infectious Disease Hospital in tatters

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Health Desk—May 4, 2017: Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH) was mainly built to deal with communicable diseases, but the premises of the institution was recently found extremely unhygienic.

According to the report of a national daily, used syringes, bandages, plastic bottles and leftovers litter the pitch-black water of an open stinky drain surrounding a building.

The condition of the toilets inside the building is also terrible. They are dark, damp, filthy, and garbage is scattered in the corners. The toilets are flooded with excreta, sources said.

The staircase is filled with dirt as well. Dry cough, betel leaf spit and other wastes are abundant there.

It may sound bizarre but the building is in fact a government hospital treating patients with infectious diseases like chickenpox, rabies, hepatitis, viral fever, tetanus and HIV/AIDS.

Health experts in this connection said such negligence over hygiene on the part of the authorities might put the health of patients, their attendants and those who live near the hospital at risk.

Prof Mahmudur Rahman, former director of the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research, of the IDH, said such an unhealthy environment was not acceptable in any hospital, especially in a hospital dealing with infectious diseases.

A few months ago, the government handed over a new ambulance to the hospital authorities. But the vehicle remains out of operation due to lack of driver and fuel allocation, the source added.

Source: The Daily Star