Monday, 28 Sep 2020

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Minister finds drive against pvt hospitals objectionable

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Health Desk- 10 Aug, 2020: While the health secretary says the ongoing drives against anomalies at private healthcare institutions will not stop, the health minister finds the word "drive" objectionable.

Minister Zahid Maleque on Sunday said action would be taken against any private hospital or clinic if it broke the law, but asked why the measure should be dubbed "drive".

"…Why is it a drive? Can any drive be conducted on hospitals? It is enquiry, which is done there. Drives are conducted in Chittagong Hill Tracts area; terrorists stay there and drives are conducted there," he told reporters in reply to a query at a press briefing at the secretariat.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Abdul Mannan in a separate briefing on Sunday said ongoing crackdown against anomalies by different private healthcare institutions would go on.

"The drives will not stop for a day, not even for a minute," he told reporters after a meeting with leaders of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) and representatives from private hospitals and clinics at the ministry.

He also said members of a newly-formed taskforce would immediately conduct drives if they receive any allegation against healthcare organisations.

Last week, the health services division of the health ministry sent a letter to the home ministry, asking it to keep law enforcement agencies away from raiding government and private hospitals.

In case the raid is urgent, the letter, requested the ministry to inform the health ministry about it.

Talking about the issue, the health minister said the health ministry had reached a consensus with the home ministry that any measure against irregularities at private healthcare facilities would be taken jointly.