Sunday, 19 May 2019

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Medical students will be expelled for smoking: Nasim

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Health Desk-- 1 June, 2018: Health Minister Mohammad Nasim Thursday said Medical college students will be expelled if they turn out to be smokers.

He warned on Thursday while addressing the 'World No Tobacco Day' programmes at Osmani Auditorium in capital Dhaka.

Nasim said, “If any doctor smokes he would not be allowed to teach at any medical college. It is not right to speak against smoking and keeping the bad habit at the same time. Moreover, smokers would not be allowed to take the admission test of medical colleges.”

The health minister also said, “It has been proved by numerous scientific researchers that any kind of tobacco is injurious to health. It has no good aspect.”

Citing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's war against drugs, he said, “The claws of drugs have extended to the rural areas also. It is destroying many families.”