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Drug trader leads anti-drug campaigns!

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Health Desk—4 december 2017: Md Nadim Hossain also known as Pochish, 31, from Geneva camp of Mohammadpur in Dhaka where people know him as a philanthropist. He is popular among the people of the refugee camp for helping the poor. He even leads anti-drug campaigns but in disguise of a philanthropist, he is actually a drug dealer.

Law enforcement identifies Pochish as a top drug dealer in the area. His daily income is about one lakh taka and it was not easy for the police to catch him. On several occasions, he promised to quit the business. However, he came back to the business after getting out of prison. He had stopped at nothing, not even killing. 

Nadim was born in Geneva camp in Mohammadpur. Several locals of the camp said his parents died when Nadim was young. Poverty led him to work at a local hotel where he earned Tk 25 a day. It is then that he started selling pot or cannabis. He would sell small amounts of cannabis for Tk 25 a packet. As his wages at the hotel and the price of the grass (cannabis) were the same, local people named him 25 or Pochish. Later, he also began to introduce himself as Pochish.

An anonymous official said it was easy to catch drug traders 10 years ago when they were disorganized. Police arrested two drug traders along with 800 pieces of yaba tablets from Mohammadpur area in 2016. But the 14 member police team was surrounded by locals when they tried to take the accused drug traders with them from the camp. A young man at that time came out shouting, “I am Pochish. I sell drugs, yaba. Catch me if you can.” 

Another camp dweller said, Pochish even attacked the law enforcers when they came to arrest anyone from the camp. He pursued bail for them if he failed to stop the arrest. In October, 2016, Pochish’s gang attacked the combined forces of police, armed police battalion, and the narcotics control department after they had captured three accused drug traders. He threw cocktails at them and was finally dispersed along with his gang, amid the force’s firing.

About 40,000 Pakistani nationals live in Geneva camp. Among them, nearly 200 are involved in the drug trading. Heroine, liquor, cannabis (ganja), phensedyl and other drugs are also available in camp. And yaba is the most popular drug.

There are surveillance-groups outside the camp and they are mostly children. They keep a close watch on the police and narcotics control department to warn the dealers before an impending raid for a quick getaway.

There are 12 different cases filed against Pochish, including murder charges. Four of them were filed by the Department of Narcotics control. Three charges have been submitted already.

Pochish was first arrested on 3 November. Around 200 members of the Department of Narcotics Control, Police, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Coast Guard, Armed Police Battalion (APBN) and National Security Intelligence (NSI) conducted an operation to arrest him red handed. Exactly after 12 days, he got bail on 15 November, returned to the camp and continued drug dealing.

Pochish made all his assets by drug trading. He donates a huge amount of money to camp residents on different occasions and they stand by him when he needs them. This is how Pochish has built a safe-haven for his drug business.

Mohammod Jamal Uddin Ahmed, the director general of the Department of Narcotics Control said many people blame the narcotics department for not arresting the camp’s drug lords. He said they would continue their operation to arrest Pochish.