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Call to withdraw 'virginity tests' on Afghan women

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Health Desk: 22 August, 2017-- In name of 'virginity tests', a considerable number of Afghan women are being humiliated. The Human Rights Commission in Afghanistan urges the government to withdraw the humiliating law.

According to the activists of the commission, women of the country go through a difficult humiliation and acute harassment for the existing harmful act.

The 'virginity tests' is conducted to identify whether the women left home with lover made an extra marital affairs. Such type of tests are obviously humiliating and sexual harassment, the activists opined.

If the woman is found violated, then she would be sentenced to 15 years of jail.

But the commission said that the method has no any scientific ground. Moreover, forcing any women for such type of humiliating test is violation of human rights.

However, the government has not given any statement in this connection.

Courtesy----BBC Bangla