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We should be constantly aware of health-

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Professor Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan

Vice Chancellor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU)

Special Correspondent— April 5, 2017: Professor Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan, Vice Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), is a person with fascinating appearance. Talks very swiftly but with proper pronunciation. He sometimes utters colloquial language, sometimes idiomatic and also ancient unsophisticated words. The words he pronounces seem to be in touch with the root of Tangail, Ghatail, Bhabandatta where he took birth on 12th March 1955.

None can imagine about his business if doesn’t observe him from the close. How he is managing everything, is out of imagination. BSMMU is the only medical university of Bangladesh where he is the Vice Chancellor.

It was Sunday noon, April 2. About one hundred people were waiting for him for different purposes. He came, called us in and said, ‘Go over there in board room’. After a few minutes, he started talking in a condition that the time is only 10 minutes. I told him, ‘ wants to know about different issues on health and it may take up to 20 minute. He smiled silently and said, ‘Tell’.

Interview: Tapas Raihan, Photo: SM Aual Do you think that people of our country are health conscious?

Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan: It’s not up to the mark. But it’s far better than previous time. It’s a matter of great joy that awareness of people on their health is increasing day after day. The health sector is developing for taking dynamic initiatives in the last few years. Today remote people are also receiving quality healthcare availability of doctors. Healthcare is decentralized and patients are taking treatment widely. They are going to nearby upazila health complexes and community health clinics. That means—awareness is increasing among people. Do you think that there should have relation between health and education?

Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan: Of course. The rate of education is increasing gradually. As a result, awareness on health also on the rise. What’s education? People will exercise knowledge and discover new horizon of wisdom. Knowledge makes people conscious which is necessary for society, politics and a healthy life. A practical and proper planning is a must in this regard. Then disappointment will be removed from life. A person suffers from depression when S/he expects more than his/her earnings. What’s the responsibility of a physician?

Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan: The social responsibility of a physician is infinitive. A proverb goes with our lesson- A physician is the social leader. Advising people for prevention of diseases, is also a part of physician’s duty. The truth is—a physician needs to know about the socio-economic condition of patients. What’s our responsibility in this regard?

Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan: It’s just a social movement. It’s a social movement. People should be made aware of their health. We have a peculiar psychology. There are many things which should be demonstrated. We gained 99% success rate in sanitation. You can look at the arsenicosis, we should make people conscious about this disease.

In conclusion of the exclusive interview, this enlightened freedom fighter said we all should preserve our achievements properly. We should keep in mind that a total of 30 lakh people laid down their life for the sovereignty of our country. Besides, two lakh women fell victim to physical torture, including rape. Above all, the dream of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to establish a dream country, should be materialized. One should do one’s duty honestly.