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Today we are so much health conscious-

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Dr. Sarwar Ali

Trustee, Liberation War Museum & Chairman, Board of Directors, Renata Limited

Special Correspondent: It’s a story of stunning beauty. Charming flavor encircled all around us and we get lost in the glorious past. Dr. Sarwar Ali, Trustee, Liberation War Museum also Chairman, Board of Directors Renata Limited was talking about ’71. In his law vocal speech the total picture of liberation was depicted very clearly.

The former Secretary General of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) shared the adventurous surging days in his discussion. It’s very rare in the society to find such a humble person. It seems to me like a living legendary for Bengalese and Bangladeshi. We bow down our head with love and respect to his polite pronunciation motion.

This prominent physician is the Chairman of Board of Management at BIRDEM and also Vice President of Chhayanaut. Dr. Sarwar Ali talked with about different issues at the Board Roam of BIRDEM on Thursday morning (January 19) for a long time. The exclusive parts of the interview is published here in the final part.

Interviewer: Tapas Raihan, Photo: Aual Hossain You are the Trustee of Liberation War Museum. Would you please say something about this?

Dr. Sarwar Ali:

With an aim to preserve the memories of 1971, we 8 persons built up Liberation War Museum in 1996.

But the current time reflects the different things?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: Though we achieved independence but the liberation war is still continued. It’s not just the fault of politicians. Our social and cultural power could not powerfully stand against fanatic and fundamentalists yet. They failed to reach at the heart of people. Moreover, the global phenomena and religious militancy are trying to make the situation unsustainable.

For example?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: It’s not fair to be influenced by partiality. Rather we should go to the common people with the meaningful message of religion. So that they get the proper message. The mission we took and went out to liberation war, is not gained at all. Society should be rescued from demolition.

Do you think that political amalgamation is a must in this regard?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: Of course, but reality is different. The leading party is in favor of liberation war. It should be accepted by all. It’s now politics of votes. This is why the leaders are mostly trying to be established with the help of fanatic and fundamentalist. Frustratingly, another party is making liaison with them. In such a crucial moment, the people of social and cultural classes should come ahead with strong confidence.

Are you optimistic in this regard?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: I’m very optimistic person regarding this issue. Our young generation is very modern. Even they will bring Bangladesh toward future with secular melody.

Let’s come to different issue- are we health conscious?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: Truly speaking, today we are so much conscious about our health, especially the educated society. But more awareness should be created among the common people. The continuous development process of the country might be slowed down in near future if people engaged with adulteration in food and sub-standard medicine business are not stopped right now.

How can we form a healthy society?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: It’s true that the country is going ahead with slaw but certain development process. But to keep it continued, there is no alternative to concerted effort. Everybody should come to the same point. Only then, we will get a society filled with free intelligence and sound health.