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Long-term medical treatment demand of time-

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Dr. Sarwar Ali

Trustee, Liberation War Museum & Chairman, Board of Directors Renata Limited

Special Correspondent: It’s a story of stunning beauty. Charming flavor encircled all around us and we get lost in the glorious past. Dr. Sarwar Ali, Trustee, Liberation War Museum also Chairman, Board of Directors Renata Limited was talking about ’71. In his law vocal speech the total picture of liberation was depicted very clearly.

The former Secretary General of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) shared the adventurous surging days in his discussion. It’s very rare in the society to find such a humble person. It seems to me like a living legendary for Bengalese and Bangladeshi. We bow down our head with love and respect to his polite pronunciation motion.

Dr. Sarwar Ali is the Chairman of Board of Management at BIRDEM and also Vice President of Chhayanaut. This prominent physician talked with about different issues at the Board Roam of BIRDEM on Thursday morning (January 19) for a long time. The exclusive parts of the interview is published here in the Part- 1.

Interviewer: Tapas Raihan, Photo: Aual Hossain There was a time when you were active in politics and studied in Dhaka Medical College. Would you please share your unforgettable memories?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: It was 1963, a conference of East Pakistan Students’ Union held. A total of 5 persons were elected as Vice-President at that time that include- Matia Chowdhury, Rashed Khan Menon, Pankaj Bhattacharya and me. Except me, they are now political personality. Basically, I’m a person out of the circle. Though my student life came to the end in ’65, I had been involved in student politics until 1967. I think it was a golden age for me.

How did you get involved in liberation war?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: When genocide started on March 25, I decided to get involved in liberation war. I left home for Agartala of India on April 14.

So far we know that you had played a dynamic role in liberation war. Please tell the tale in short?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: Basically, I was assigned 3 types of duties. Firstly, the Provisional Government and Indian government came to learn that the USA Administration and leadership of China stood beside Pakistan. The world was divided into two parts at that time. It would be a difficult task for India to take such a great risk if the support of socialist world under the Soviet Union was not found. Then a three-member delegate team went to attend Peace Conference at Budapest in Hungary in the month May.  It was the first- ever Bangladeshi delegate team visited the foreign country. The delegate team was led by late Abdus Samad Azad. NAP leader Mahbub Ali and me were among other delegates. We focused in the conference about the genocide had been continued in Bangladesh brutally. We tried to deliver them a message that there was no alternative to liberation. Then we went to other socialist countries. Following the directives of Provisional Government, we went to Poland, East Germany, Soviet Union. We discussed with the political and government leaders of these countries. The country leaders raised their voice to release Bangabandhu. But they were silent about the liberation of Bangladesh. An alliance agreement was signed between India and Soviet Russia at that time. It was just as a draft form where our matter was also included.  

My main duty was to check up health of those who expressed interest to go to liberation war. Though I had to take training on liberation war. Then I entered into my independent country on December 16. The reception I blessed with was like a dream. But- I’m not agree to the word ‘Beer Muktijoddha’ (Valiant Freedom Fighter).

Do you think that battle for the dream was fulfilled?

Dr. Sarwar Ali: Liberation war is still now continued. It’s a continuous process but there is a mixed feeling. The country is unbelievably going ahead in era of current government.

Both children and maternal mortality rate decreased remarkably. At the same time growth has been improved a lot. It should be confessed that purchasing power of people increased. Social index developed but frustratingly, psychological destruction occured.

In fact, after the assassination of Bangabandhu, the whole picture has been changed. As a result bigotry and moral destruction amplified in the society. Government is conducting a surgical treatment but a long time medical treatment is now a demand of time.

What’s your opinion about standard of our healthcare system?  

Dr. Sarwar Ali: There are two sides of any healthcare system. One is its standard and another one is reaching it to the door step of common people. The second one is improved enough but the first one is diminished. Greed has been spreading in the society. It’s undoubtedly a totalitarian. (Continued)