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Trying to render sincere healthcare: Dr. Apurba Pandit

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Dr. Apurba Pandit, Physician 

Staff Correspondent- Dec 03, 2016: Dr. Apurba Pandit is a visionary man. He likes to take action to materialize creative visions. And this time, he can be well-defined as a vendor of dreams. Nothing could block his path with thorn bushes.  

Basically, Dr. Apurba Pandit is a doctor by profession but he has been fond of media since his student life. This is why he has been running web portal for about two decades. In a word he is a person with noble soul. This dreamer has been involved in several social, cultural and professional organizations simultaneously.

This journalist is the General Secretary of newly formed Progressive Doctors Union (PDU). He has recently talked about and journalism for a long time. The exclusive part (2nd Part) of the interview published here for readers.

Interviewer: Tapas Raihan The number of health journalists is very few in country and you are one of them. What was the reason behind your walk in the path of journalism?

Dr. Apurba Pandit: To speak briefly, write up of many doctors published in several papers, in the same way those of mine published in there. It’s a common notion of doctors that this practice may be helpful for them to accumulate huge number of patients in their chamber. 

It’s important to mention that there is no pure health media in Bangladesh. Every TV channel runs health based programs but none of them work for health. The nominal things they organize are ridiculous. No single media developed a complete health news for the improvement of healthcare facilities for people. But is working for complete health news.

I feel comfortable with both of the designations- journalist and doctor. Journalists can take healthcare support from me and the common people can take the two services. Do you think that the health journalists are facing any kind of problem?

Dr. Apurba Pandit: Of course, there are many problems and they are deeper. There are many things which are difficult to take for a non-medical journalist. Due to not being a doctor, his reports may turn into health bit crime report instead. Though he is not a crime reporter at all. There is a vacuum here. Do you want to say that a health bit reporter should be a doctor first? 

Dr. Apurba Pandit: It would be better if he is a doctor. But non-medical persons should go through a training to make the health reports properly. It is a matter of great sorrow that doctors and journalists are now behaving like opponents. A solution is now a demand of time in this regard. Which one will you chose in this context?

Dr. Apurba Pandit: I’ll be with truth. It’s easier for me to justify whether it is right or wrong. Here I’m talking about doctors. What type of message do you like to deliver through amarchamber?

Dr. Apurba Pandit: I want to reach healthcare to the door step of people completely. It’s possible even from overseas. It’s quite impossible for me to do only by a single effort. amarchamber, an online and clinically specialists healthcare 24/7, can materialize the noble dream. I hope that people from all walks of life will get their expected healthcare in amarchamber without difficulty.