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Universal leadership needs strong personality

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Dr. Apurba Pandit, Physician 

Staff Correspondent- Nov 12, 2016: Dr. Apurba Pandit is a visionary man. He likes to take action to materialize creative visions. And this time, he can be well-defined as a vendor of dreams. Nothing could block his path with thorn bushes.  

Basically, Dr. Apurba Pandit is a doctor by profession but he has been fond of media since his student life. This is why he has been running web portal for about two decades. In a word he is a person with noble soul.

This dreamer has been involved in several social, cultural and professional organizations simultaneously. He is the General Secretary of newly formed Progressive Doctors Union (PDU). Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) election is going to be held on 22th December. Here PDU has given its complete panel. Dr. Apurba is competing in this election as Organizing Secretary.

Dr. Apurba Pandit talked about, BMA election and journalism for a long time. The exclusive part (First Part) of the interview published here for readers.

Interviewer: Tapas Raihan Suddenly, you are competing for the post of Organizing Secretary in BMA election under the banner ‘Progressive Doctors Union’ (PDU). Is there any reason behind it?

Dr. Apurba Pandit: (To such a question, he gave a surprising look at this reporter and smiled). Said- Well, BMA is basically a platform, where peoples’ right can be discussed properly. This organization has been working since 1956. BMA played a vital role including dethrone of HM Ershad, establishing of people’s right and so on. Besides, It’s our pride that the Shaheed Minar is established in front of Dhaka Medical College (DMC). Additionally, persons elected in this organization, contributed to form government in this country.

Frustratingly, BMA has been turned into a flattering organization. As a result, it could neither preserve doctors’ interest nor general people’s welfare. An Organizing Secretary should play a significant role to reach an organization at the door step of people. I think ‘Progressive Doctors Union’ (PDU) is the organization free from any kind of flattering activities. It’s the reason, I’m competing from this important post ‘Organizing Secretary’. I believe that doctors will assemble under the flag of PDU. Do you believe PDU have the infrastructural strength that an organization should have to go ahead for public welfare?

Dr. Apurba Pandit: You are telling that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is enough for any development. If that is true, a person is enough to bring total change of a country. Yes, I believe that we may have organizational fault but it would be disappeared within a short. We can confidently say that - we have no distinct weakness. It’s life-force of an organization. We know that universal leadership needs a strong personality. We have that strength, I believe it by my heart. You are honorable editor of Do you want to deliver message for people.

Dr. Apurba Pandit: Preliminarily, we are emphasizing on news.  We are trying to improve public awareness. If you regularly keep your eyes in the online, you’ll find- we are walking in different sorts of health services. How to inform people of their health and environment, how to keep body healthy, where to go for better healthcare-- all are available in our web portal. Besides, we are building awareness among people through uploading video clips in our site. All these organized for betterment of people.

In near future, we are coming with innovative ideas. I’ll just say in short- at affordable cost, you all will get any kind of healthcare at ‘Amar Chamber’. You’ll get us anytime in day or/and night, just like a friend. We want to be bosom friends of common people. It’ll be a chamber of yours.