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Great part of citizens in BD callous to health-2

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Dr. Syed Modasser Ali

Ophthalmologist, Chairman to BMRC & former health adviser to PM.

Special Correspondent: November 6, 2016: Renowned opthalmologist Dr. Syed Modasser Ali is an extremely polite person. It’s very rare in Bangladesh that such a person illuminated with light of education. It may be impossible for a person to discover beauty of dialect if never listens to his speech.

He speaks so smoothly that anybody can be enchanted very easily. We lose ourselves to his heart touching personality frequently. He wants to spread light of knowledge among others very sincerely. It appears that it is nothing but a story of a great person who started his journey from a simple point.

Prof. Dr. Syed Modasser Ali is a renowned ophthalmic surgeon and was the Health and Family Welfare and Social Welfare adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He is currently the chairman of Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC).

Health related news portal talked to Prof. Dr. Syed Modasser Ali in his Dhanmondi chamber on October 29. The exclusive part of the interview is presented for readers.

Interviewer: Tapas Raihan, Photo: Aual Hossen Our society and environment are polluted. You told that media can play an important role.

Dr. Modasser Ali: Of course, media can play a vital role in this regard. (Recalling his young ages, Dr. Modasser said) There was a time when people used to maintain idealism. They had a responsibility to society. But soon after completing graduation, nowadays, young fresher’s sky high expectation make them blind. Besides, some of the dishonest businessmen are involved in food adulteration. Through this evil deed, they are finally killing their relatives and families. Rottenness has been infecting the society. Only by enacting law and advertising in TV, the rottenness cannot be recovered. Though use of chemical in our fruits and vegetables reduced remarkably. However, the dos and don’ts should be brought to light so that people can be aware of the matter easily. Do you think that the professionals are free from this responsibility?

Dr. Modasser Ali: No, all professionals should have responsibility to make people aware. Listen, every society should have an influential civil society. Frustratingly, we don’t have that kind of society. It’s very difficult to find honorable and influential people devoid of politics. People concerned to politics are neither of professionals nor of civil society. Whatever they tell, they are basically careless to society. They chant slogan ‘Leader, go ahead, we are behind you’. It’s basically to escape while the leader at danger. Though the slogan has been changing by this time- ‘Leader, go ahead, we are with you’. Do you think that the allocation 2016-2017 for health sector is enough for citizens?

Dr. Modasser Ali: No, it’s insufficient for people. In fact, it’s impossible to do anything in health sector with such a little budget. But community clinic project is now people-friendly. Because, our infrastructure is quite good. If budget for health sector could be doubled, Bangladesh would be a role model for other countries. Besides, due to direct interruption of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we gained tremendous success in health sector. What will you do first if you are empowered with absolute power?

Dr. Modasser Ali: The PM has already taken initiative that I dreamt for health sector. We’ll bring community clinics close to people. It would be more people-friendly if they are brought to union levels from upazila levels. We’re lagging behind from what?

Dr. Modasser Ali: We have everything except money. We all should come out of the bad practice like- tax evasion. If everybody pays tax properly, Bangladesh would turn into developed country in a short. Bangladesh will see development in each and every sector including health sector. Patients should be taken care appropriately. Do you have any dream word?

Dr. Modasser Ali: I wish I could spread the achieved knowledge among the people. Only then I’ll consider of my birth successful. I’ll now ask you an exceptional question. Just, think that you are going to die after a few minutes. What would make your eyes shed tear at the moment?

Dr. Modasser Ali: I know that several types of thoughts will encircle my brain at the moment. My time and chance, delivered by the society and circumstance, could not be made properly used by me on time. I may die with the insatiable thirst to uncompleted works. Basically- dissatisfaction is part of life. Emancipation of soul from body- who, when expected?