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Great part of citizens in BD callous to health

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Dr. Syed Modasser Ali

Ophthalmologist, Chairman to BMRC & former health adviser to PM.

Special Correspondent: November 2, 2016: Dr. Syed Modasser Ali is an extremely polite person. It’s very rare in Bangladesh that such a person illuminated with light of education. It may be impossible for a person to discover beauty of dialect if never listens to his speech.

He speaks so smoothly that anybody can be enchanted very easily. We lose ourselves to his heart touching personality frequently. He wants to spread light of knowledge among others very sincerely. It appears that it is nothing but a story of a great person who started his journey from a simple point.

Prof. Dr. Syed Modasser Ali is a renowned ophthalmic surgeon and was the Health and Family Welfare and Social Welfare adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He is currently the chairman of Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC).

Health related news portal talked to Prof. Dr. Syed Modasser Ali in his Dhanmondi chamber on October 29. The exclusive part of the interview is presented for readers.

Interviewer: Tapas Raihan, Photo: Aual Hossen You are an active politician from very student life. Didn’t they hamper your study in medical?

Dr. Modasser Ali: I used to engage in Chhatra League from earlier that is why I was with same political party during my study in Dhaka Medical College (DMC). I had to do hard labor and sometimes hanged posters until 10pm. After all I had to concentrate my study. Though it was a quite difficult job but possible. What was your motto in politics? 

Dr. Modasser Ali: To speak truly, we felt an extreme attraction to student leaders rather than public welfare. At that time, Moajjem Bhai was the President, Sheikh Fazlul Haque Mani Bhai was General Secretary and Mujib Bhai (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) supported us from the background. The main purpose of our politics was to remain firm in our policy over the love of Mujib Bhai and influence of other leaders. Are the people of country getting proper healthcare? As a citizen, how will you evaluate it?

Dr. Modasser Ali: To tell neutrally, people are not getting their expected healthcare in country. Even the possible works for the betterment of people are not done for many reasons. We have not plenty of capability. But due to lack of sincerity among the physicians, healthcare is hampered badly. Maximum times, we don’t communicate with patients. Therefore, the problems are continued and patients are suffering for long.

Besides, admission system in our medical colleges is filled with mistakes. It’s a wrong conception that only bright students will be doctors.  Medical scientist and doctor are not the same thing. The researchers are totally different from doctors. Because, doctors don’t involve in research as they find it difficult. I’m now the chairman of Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC). In fact, it is impossible to let the researchers do private practice. But our socio-economic system compel us to do. What’s the solution, you think?

Dr. Modasser Ali: The only solution is- physicians should be made psychologically honest to their duties. There is no alternative way in this regard. Everything is private practice-centered and it can’t be allowed. Are we health conscious?

Dr. Modasser Ali: I want to say in general, most of the people even doctors are not health conscious at all. Smoking of many doctors, proves it. There is alarming pollution both in our society and environment. What’s the solution?

Dr. Modasser Ali: Of course, pollution has decreased many times than before. Media can play a vital role in this regard.